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Judging prints:

1. Impact - does it make a good first impression?

2. Creativity - is a unique?

3. Style - does it have a "signature look"?

4. Composition - did you use repetition, rule of thirds, leading lines or other composition?

5. Color balance/tonal gradation - is a contrast correct and does it provide impact?

6. Print presentation - is the crop, mount, paper etc. of high standard?

7. Center of interest - is the focus on the subject?

8. Lighting - is the direction, quality and quantity of the light correct?

9. Subject matter or interpretation - is there a clear subject that is balanced with the background?

10. Print quality - is the print of high standard?

11. Technique - do you use the right camera, lens, exposure and other techniques correctly?

12. Storytelling - to the elements of the image reinforced the message or story?


Photography by Kirk Chamberlain Studio - Jacksonville Florida